First Trimester

Considering I am in my third trimester and currently 34 weeks pregnant, I figured it was time to share my pregnancy stages all the way up until this point. Of course I wanted to document and post each trimester as they came, but a little thing called life happens and BOOM here we are just 6 weeks away! Each trimester has came with new feelings and experiences and I am here to share them all with you including the helpful tips, products, and insights as a new mama to be!

How we found out

To keep it short and sweet, our pregnancy was 100% planned and with the help of ovulation kits and trackers we got pregnant the first month we started trying! We even planned the pregnancy so I would NOT be pregnant most of the summer. Sounds strange but if you have ever lived in Arizona during the middle of summer then there is no explanation needed. I was getting really bad cramps for a few days as if my period was coming even though at that point is was already a couple days late. I finally gave in and took a pregnancy test which then quickly led to me running into the family room while bawling my eyes out to find my husband. We somehow were able to keep it a secret and didn’t tell our family and friends until about week 14 of the second trimester!

Morning sickness 

Even thinking back to this time while sitting here writing makes me want to gag. My morning sickness consisted of pretty much constant nausea with no throwing up and occasional gagging over the toilet. Some days no matter what I did the nausea wouldn’t go away and I just had to ride it out. Oh and by the way, “morning sickness” isn’t just a morning thing but can leave you feeling crummy all day or at any time during the day. Things that helped my nausea:

Ginger EVERYTHING…chewable tablets, ginger lozengesginger ale, fresh ginger juice shots

Crackers- have kept a pack of crackers next to my bed the entire pregnancy 

Never having an empty stomach- carry snacks with you 24/7 

Staying hydrated 

The exhaustion is REAL 

Most days during the first trimester I would come home from work and just take a giant nap. I am talking a 2-3+ hour nap. It literally felt like I was given sleeping pills then got hit by a train. This lasted for the first few weeks then eventually my energy increased..slightly.


Basically anything with carbs. I loved bread, pretzels, crackers, you name it. At one point I think I had about 10 different types of crackers in my cupboard lol only food aversions I experienced were to bacon (I think I am the only person in the world who doesn’t really like bacon in general) stuffed bell peppers, and coffee. Specifically Ethiopian type coffee. Being that I work in the coffee industry I can pin point different coffee regions just by smelling them and Ethiopian coffee had me literally running the other direction.


Working out as always been an important part of my life, so when I got pregnant and experienced the morning sickness exhaustion combo it threw me for a bit of a loop. I was one of those women who thought they were going to workout everyday during pregnancy and feel like a million bucks. Nope. I am here to tell you this is okay!!!! I listened to my body and made it to the gym when I felt I could handle it. Workouts consisted of stair master, treadmill, weights, and various classes at the gym.




 Prenatal vitamin 

We did a ton of research and bought the Prenatal Precious Gems Gummies by Rainbow Light which I took until the middle of the second trimester. I then switched to the Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins which we purchased at Costco. The Rainbow Light gummies were great except they were lacking in a few nutrients and I was having to take separate vitamins to make up for it.

Work life 

I learned the work-pregnancy balance the hard way. I attempted to keep up the same lifestyle and work load I was living before I got pregnant even though I was in the process of growing a baby. I was working 40+ hours a week and on my feet The work overload on top of the nausea led to me having an emotional break down and being slightly miserable. I cut back at work and slowed my life down a little and saw a huge change.

 Helpful phone apps I used 

Period Tracker– have used this app for years to track my cycle 

Flo– you can record your symptoms each day to help the app pin point your exact cycle and ovulation date

The Bump– sends you weekly updates on your babies progress and interesting articles to read 


First trimester takeaways 

1- The first trimester is crucial in so many ways. Listen to your body and do what feels right!

2- Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you are craving a bagel, girl eat that bagel.

3- Stay away from Google!!!! Rather than running to the internet in search of answers ask a family member or friend that has gone through pregnancy. Trust me on this one.


I hope this post answers some of your questions and provides a little comfort to those newly pregnant mamas out there. Keep a lookout for my second trimester update coming very soon! xoxo

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