10 Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy No One Talks About

Considering I am 40 weeks pregnant, I feel it’s time to share my list of the strange things that can happen to your body while your little bun is in the oven!  These are the things that happened to me but NOBODY warned me about going into my pregnancy. Looking back now, I can laugh at all these bizarre and random changes but when they were happening I was a bit thrown off to say the least. For all the newly pregnant mamas’ or those planning on getting pregnant read up!

WARNING- If you are uncomfortable with TMI you may want to skip this one 🙂

   1. Your vagina gets chubby 

As if gaining a bit of weight yourself isn’t enough, your vajayjay decides to inflate as well. From what I have heard this is due to extra blood flow in the area so don’t be alarmed. With a chubby vagina and large belly, say goodbye to your lady parts for a couple months because you can’t even see them anymore ladies.  

  2. Your eyelashes may get super short at some point 

Random, I know. During my second trimester my eyelashes all the sudden started to get really really short even with the help of mascara. I still to this day have zero idea why this happened but thankfully it only lasted a few weeks and they were back to normal in no time! 

   3. Your private parts will become darker in color  

This could very well be because of your ethnicity or color of skin however, let’s just say your undercarriage may take on a whole new color. Not the most flattering pregnancy symptom in the world but it could always be worse!

   4. Dry underwear are no longer a thing

They warn you about increased discharge during pregnancy but wholy moly. If you are one of those girls that feel comfortable wearing pads all the time then go for it. I personally find them irritating and hate the look of panty lines. So basically my life consists of always having a fresh pair of undies on hand.  

   5. Hello constipation AND hemorrhoids 

Whether it be hormones or your change in diet during pregnancy, constipation is bound to sneak up on ya at some point. The hemorrhoids are just the cherry on top! Colace, Tucks hemorrhoid pads, and drinking an absurd amount of water everyday seemed to help me. Check with your doctor to see what they recommend and try to catch the constipation sooner rather than later!  

   6. The hair on your arms and legs stops growing  

I am not complaining about this whatsoever. I can literally go 2 weeks without shaving my arms or legs- or maybe longer I usually lose track…

   7. Veins appear in your legs

Unfortunately for me, I noticed this happening pretty early on and it has increasingly gotten worse as my pregnancy progressed. Now certain areas of my legs look like someone hit me with a bat because the veins are so dark and noticeable. My doctor said they would “most likely” go away sometime after pregnancy. Until then, leggings and pants it will be! 

   8. You will toot..a lot 

You basically will get gassy for no reason at all except for the fact you are pregnant. My poor husband has had to endure some middle of the night toots that probably almost suffocated him.  

    9. Your nipples will leak

I vividly remember laying in bed one evening watching TV and noticing my arm kept getting wet somehow. Took me a minute to look down and realize my pajama shirt was also a little wet and both my boobies were leaking. Superrrr attractive, I know. Confession- I was too tired to get up and change shirts so I just went to bed lol 

   10. You will develop a dark line doing down the middle of your stomach

This is due to the change in hormones so I was most likely expecting it to happen to me. What I was NOT expecting was the dark line to run up the entire length of my stomach. I kid you not this line almost goes to my boobs. Combine this with a super old and closed up belly button ring hole and you’ve got yourself one weird looking belly.  

                      What are some strange symptoms you have experienced while being pregnant?

Hopefully this post didn’t frighten you too much but rather provided you with awareness of things that could happen during your pregnancy and comfort that you are not alone! Being pregnant is a wild, exciting journey so soak up every second of it..even when your boobies are leaking and you are tooting up a storm 🙂 

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